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Welcome, my name is Anas J. Ahmed. I pride myself to be like many of you. My father was a hardworking NYC yellow cab driver who emigrated to the United States over fifty years ago to save himself from religious persecution. My father’s entry into the United States soon brought the trickle of his siblings and cousins; upon marriage, my mother.

I was born in New York amongst the city’s diverse and vibrant communities where my family took pride in adding our piece to the mosaic.

Human rights, social justice and the global community at large have been integral in cultivating my conscience, it is why I care for and about you.
Anas J. Ahmed


About the Firm

Anas Kahlon Law exclusively focuses on Immigration Law as we believe in mastering a craft.
Our logo is indicative of the firm’s mission to bring the world together for our clients. The logo is a combination of Pangea and a gavel.
Pangea in early geologic times was a supercontinent that incorporated almost all the landmasses on Earth. It connected all of today’s countries together as one massive continent.
The gavel and base represent justice.
This all coalesces to what inspires and aspires Anas Kahlon Law’s mission by effectively bringing about favorable outcomes in your immigration matters.

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