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Anas J. Ahmed


Welcome, my name is Anas J. Ahmed. I pride myself to be like many of you. My father was a hardworking NYC yellow cab driver who emigrated to the United States over fifty years ago to save himself from religious persecution. My father’s entry into the United States soon brought the trickle of his siblings and cousins; upon marriage, my mother. I was born in New York amongst the city’s diverse and vibrant communities where my family took pride in adding our piece to the mosaic. Human rights, social justice and the global community at large have been integral in cultivating my conscience, it is why I care for and about you. Growing up I had to help my family financially and worked as car service driver (this is before uber existed) to get myself through Hofstra University and Hofstra Law School. I know how hard you work, how time matters and how important every dollar is. I know your life and how important resolving your immigration matters are to you and your family because I have lived this as well.

I have fought hard for my clients through out the United States at Immigration Courts and USCIS in New York, New Jersey, and California to name a few. I have trekked to detained clients in rural Louisiana and Arizona to help them win their cases or their freedom. I have helped thousands of clients gain asylum at Individual Court Hearings in the past decade all over the United States. I have won numerous appeals at the Board of Immigration Appeals, Second Circuit Court of Appeals and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. I have successfully won several Oral Arguments at the Circuit Court of Appeals a feat that most attorneys may never enjoy. And I will continue to do so because I want you to win, it means your family will win; and at Anas Kahlon Law, my clients are family.


  • Anas graduated from Hofstra University in 2007 with his B.A. degree in Political Science. Anas graduated from Hofstra Law School in 2013.
  • Anas is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of New York, all Immigration Courts, USCIS, Board of Immigration Appeals and Federal Courts of the Southern District of New York, Second Circuit Court of Appeals and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


  • Anas is fluent in Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi

Anas J. Ahmed

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